Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Nov. 4, 1959 featuring Carl Brewer.

Lineup page with another dozen Hall of Famers.
Another Hall of Famer, a very young broadcaster Brian McFarlane.


Gord Drillon on the cover. This is missing the lineup page so I'm only sure of the season on it. Still, one of the favourites in my collection.

A couple of great adverts featuring Syl Apps.


This one's a bit of a cheat. It's the full reprinted opening night program from Nov. 12, 1931. It was put out when the Gardens closed in 1999 and may be as close as I get to the real thing for a while.

Player page from the program that is reproduced to exacting details.


Captain George Armstrong on the cover for the Jan. 4, 1964 game vs. Chicago.

Lineup for the game featuring no less than a dozen future Hall of Famers.

Souvenirs listed for sale at the Gardens. I have the white pennant and an Eddie Shack mini-stick. They cost a bit more than the $1.00 listed here.

Advert for York Peanut Butter with free hockey card inserted. I have the Frank Mahovlich from this set.

Monday, October 29, 2012


December 31, 1949. Cal Gardner pictured on the cover.

Great advert for Beehive hockey picture rings.


January 24, 1953 Cover.

Lineup page. Click to enlarge.


Cover from late December 1930 at The Mutual Street Arena.
A few of the Leaf greats of the day.

Rear cover with a beauty skate advert.